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Get input from others and proofread! Nothing takes away from a personal statement like typos or grammatical mistakes.

8 Types of Personal Statement to Avoid - 7Sage Law School Admissions

This is also a writing sample in your application and we treat it as such. It is important that this work is your own, but you are welcome to ask a friend to give it a read and make sure you are communicating what you intended to share in the most effective way. Keep an open mind about your topic. Sometimes it makes sense to talk about your journey to applying to law school and why you want to attend. Other times, you would rather share a personal story or other aspect of your past. As long as we are learning about you and your experiences, we truly have no preference about what approach you take.

Our main concern is that you write about something that is quintessential to us understanding who you are. Finally, think about how the personal statement fits into the rest of your application. Remember that we have your resume, transcripts, and letters of recommendation. True professionals will demonstrate their strengths through their actions, not through putting others down. Do not be shy to humbly highlight your attributes and accomplishments that make you unique and a strong candidate.

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Do not summarize your resume, CV, or transcripts. This is an opportunity to discuss what makes you unique, and why you should be accepted. Adhere strictly to the word, page, or character limit. No one wants to read a 2-page Personal Statement of Statement of Intent if it is supposed to be a maximum of 1 page.

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Do not try to write like a lawyer. Be genuine, optimistic, enthusiastic, and honest, and show the admissions committee who you are and why you should be accepted.

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Have a strong introduction and strong conclusion. Sometimes, the introduction and the conclusion will be the only aspects of your work that the reader will remember. If your introduction or conclusion is weak, it may set a negative tone for the rest of your paper, regardless of how great it is. A strong introduction will draw your reader in, and a strong conclusion will leave them wanting more and them wanting more means you getting an interview!

2. Be genuine

A common mistake is to repeat exactly what you said in the introduction for the conclusion. Do not do this - your conclusion should be memorable. It should pull together the main ideas by creatively selling yourself to the reviewer to be admitted. An excellent Personal Statement and Statement of Intent will include how you have had a tangible impact on an organization, community, body of literature, or institution, for example, and how that impact provides background and context as to why you are pursuing the profession.

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Past actions often indicate future potential, so compose impact statements with this in mind. To conclude our tips about how to make your law school application stand out, you need to ensure that your Personal Statement or Statement of Intent is believable and convincing as to why you should be admitted.

How to Write An Outstanding Law School Personal Statement

We suggest having multiple friends, family members, colleagues, professors, and BeMo consultants review your statements prior to submission. BeMo does not endorse nor affiliate with any universities, colleges, or official test administrators. All rights reserved.

Law School Personal Statements

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Send to Email. Your name. Your email. Send another. The overall purpose of asking for either a law school Personal Statement or for a Statement of Intent is to provide the admissions committee with information about: Who you are; Why you want to be admitted to the particular program, and; Other unique, interesting, and relevant information that cannot be found in your transcripts or from your references. Here, you want to highlight the following: Individual, personal experiences that have influenced your decision to apply to the particular program How your personal experiences, along with your future education, will shape your short-term and long-term career goals When you became interested in the field and developed your career goals, and what have you done to reinforce your conviction that you are well-suited for the field.

Tips for Law School Personal Statements

Law School Statement of Intent Statement of Intents are tailored toward your specific field of study and career goals. In this case, you want to address questions such as: What field of law you would like to specialize in and why? What have you learned about the field through formal and informal education, and work experience, for example , and how that experience has contributed to your growth in the field? What courses would you like to take to meet your career goals? After you complete the program, what do you plan on doing with the knowledge and skills you developed?

What soft skills e. Conclusion To conclude our tips about how to make your law school application stand out, you need to ensure that your Personal Statement or Statement of Intent is believable and convincing as to why you should be admitted.