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However, the nurse most prominent to me was Bob.

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He is definitely my favorite of the presentation and truly my role model! His sincerity and compassion is exuded beyond the film. I felt myself tearing up just watching him in action. He is a prime example of what I hope to continue to become. A nurse with enough compassion for the masses, who is genuinely concerned about your well-being and your life, who is committed to your care by doing all that he can with the resources available in the most caring way imaginable, that is Bob.

Bob further inspired and touched me because his specialty comprises my two top nursing interests; pediatrics and oncology. Watching him made me consider the possibility of one day becoming a pediatric oncology nurse. Until then my interest had lie in two areas separately.

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I have always been passionate about children and suffering the loss of my own child has had altruistic effects on me. Along with this, I became engaged in oncology when my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Their interactions with the patients were beyond what I had experienced from others. Since these instances I have felt tugged in one or both of these directions as these experiences are what helped shape my desire to become a nurse.

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Bob brought those memories racing back! It is refreshing and renewing.

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I really appreciate the film and Bob especially, for opening my eyes to yet another possible nursing career opportunity. It was obvious looking at him that his career is rewarding and that he is fulfilled with the choice that he made. These are the sentiments that I have now and want to continue to portray when I have been a nurse for many, many years.

I chose nursing as a career because I love learning new things.

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As a nurse, I am always challenging myself to keep current on medical trends and training so that I can provide the best care to my patients. Every day as a nurse, I learn something new from my colleagues and patients, which inspires me to explore deeper knowledge of the techniques and procedures I use. Why It Works: This works because the candidate shows a willingness to keep current on skills and education necessary in the medical field.

The interviewer may ask you to provide examples of situations where you applied those skills. Be ready to share specific patient scenarios where you intervened with difficult cases and individuals to help generate positive outcomes. Be prepared to share examples of how you have dealt with difficult colleagues.

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Practice Your Answer. You chose this career and are applying for this job. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. How to Become a Nurse. Finding a Job Career Planning. By Alison Doyle. Best Answers Why do you want to work here?

Best Answers Are you organized? Best Answers. Key Takeaways Be prepared to discuss both your clinical skill set and personal characteristics that make you a good nurse. Take a list of your nursing skills with you. Have some sample patient scenarios and why they were challenging in mind. Go over sample interview questions to prepare for your interview.

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