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Part of my job is to help my clients identify such activities and communicate about them effectively.

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If you have demonstrated extensive community citizenship in your resume, you may very well not need to write about in the HBS essay, but you might still find that explaining your motivation for such activities is something you want to convey to HBS. For those with limited objective resume content in this area, if there is an effective way to get some positive aspect of your community citizenship into the essay, do so.

Analytical Aptitude and Appetite Harvard Business School is a demanding, fast-paced, and highly-verbal environment. We look for individuals who enjoy lively discussion and debate. There is no particular previous course of study required to apply; you must, however, demonstrate the ability to master analytical and quantitative concepts. HBS is a highly competitive and challenging academic environment.

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It is not for anyone. You must demonstrate your analytical intelligence somewhere in your application. Also, whether you address your analytical abilities in your essay, for most applicants, it would also be very useful to have one or more recommenders discussing this.

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If you think you have weaknesses in this area, consider how to use the essay and Additional Information section to mitigate them. The above list provides some effective ways to do that. Diversity A truly diverse student body — in background, nationality, interests and ambitions — is the foundation of the HBS experience. Indeed, these differences are critical to the HBS learning model, which thrives on the many perspectives and life experiences our students from all over the world bring to their classes. The critical thing is that you demonstrate why you are unique and how you will add to the diversity of the class.

Some ways of demonstrating diversity that my clients have used successfully include the following: -Being the first person or kind of person to do something -Being the youngest person to do do something -Making an original contribution to something -Having an unusual family, academic, personal, or professional background -Unusual skills or talents -Extensive international experience -Receiving prestigious awards or scholarships.

I operate on the assumption that everyone is unique. Whatever form s this growth takes, you might need a brief amount of word count or significant word count. Common topics:.

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Harvard Business School Essays (Examples)

Changes in career goals since the previous application. Feel free to alter your goals, just explain why. Why you are a better candidate now. This could be everything from a career change to increased GMAT scores to improved English ability to taking courses to overcome an academic weakness to a valuable extracurricular activity. This could be based on learning more about the school and talking with current students and alumni and then show how the program will really help you.

Joint program applicants for the Harvard Medical School, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Harvard Law School, and Harvard Kennedy School must provide an additional essay: How do you expect the joint degree experience to benefit you on both a professional and a personal level? Recommended: words. In , I had the pleasure of attending a half-day workshop for my fellow consultants and myself that was hosted by HKS. Frankly, HKS offers a level of advice and insight into their application process beyond that of any other graduate program that I am aware of.

The key challenge of writing this essay is to not duplicate what you write in the HBS essay. Use this essay to explain the synergy that will be gained from doing both degrees. The professional part seems obvious enough What skills will you gain? What network will you gain? How will it help you with your career objectives?

I tell them to think about it terms of the perspectives they will gain and from the opportunity to be enriched by a much range of ideas but also by the fact that those who do the HKS Joint Degree are their own tribe and establish close relationships in a very different classroom atmosphere than is offered by HBS. I encourage my clients who apply for this degree to talk with alumni and current students from the program in order to gain these kind of personal insights.

It is important that you well align the content of your Joint Degree Essay, HBS essay, and HKS essays for your own sanity but do keep in mind that your admission to these programs is separate and each program has own its admissions. Usually, it takes place within a paragraph consisting of many such sentences. They actually convey nothing about the applicant.

They are just abstract needs and will have limited impact on your reader. The admissions reader wants to learn about you, not about their own program. You most likely will spend more time thinking about what you are going to write here than writing it. I think it is fine to include the longer term here if it helps to explain the rationale for your short-term objectives. Keep in mind that your wider vision is a perfectly acceptable topic to discuss in the essay if you think it will really help your section mates understand who you are and not in this space.

I frequently work with my clients on their goals.

This is not meant to be used as an additional essay. Please limit your additional information to the space in this section. It is completely fine to leave this space blank if you have nothing you need to add.

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See above in this post for using the additional section if you are a reapplicant to HBS. I am a graduate admissions consultant who works with clients worldwide. If you would like to arrange an initial consultation, please complete my intake form. Please don't email me any essays, other admissions consultant's intake forms, your life story, or any long email asking for a written profile assessment.

The only profiles I assess are those with people who I offer initial consultations to. Please note that initial consultations are not offered when I have reached full capacity or when I determine that I am not a good fit with an applicant. Adam has been pivotal for me in obtaining multiple admits from great schools.

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  8. He has a data analytical approach: He has worked with many applicants and is aware of trends, but at the same time he takes a personalized approach. Search Search for:. Get Started Arrange an initial consultation: Intake Forms. See the results my methods deliver for clients applying to the world's top programs. Get the process started. Arrange an initial consultation via my intake forms. Effective answers to when, where, who, what, and how should all relate directly to your role in the situation. You are the hero or heroine of your story.

    Your reader should have a clear understanding of the situation. It does not come down to any static descriptor or a set of stats on a profile. The essay matters — for some candidates even more than others. We can help you with some objective advice on whether you might be perceived that way today. And what else you can do is work on being that even more in your day-to-day efforts at work.

    But stepping it up and doing all that you can to be a better person every single day is the best way to find out. Oh hey LOOK! We wrote a whole book on how to get into Harvard Business School!! Sometimes amused and often appalled by what candidates write in their MBA applications to top bschools, EssaySnark created this little blahg to share common mistakes. Learn from them and avoid making admissions directors laugh or want to hurl when they read your essays. If you are hoping to have your essay reviewed anonymously on the blahg for free, submit it for consideration.

    Start with our menu of consulting services and please read the Help FAQ to learn how we operate. Still have questions after doing all that? Email Team EssaySnark at gethelpnow at essaysnark dot com. Your email address will not be published. Who are you? And why not? Harvard is a world renowned brand. They need an essay, and some letters of recommendation.

    How To Answer The HBS Essay: First, "Do No Harm"

    Pretty standard stuff. There is risk here!!! Or, in this case, the most unique and differentiated who will fill out their class. You need to be the best out of a crowded category of very good players. We're the snarky experts in MBA admissions! Good luck on your apps, Brave Supplicant!

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    If you are human, leave this field blank. Have you applied to bschool before? As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA program? There is no word limit for this question. You will need to take two deep dives. One into HBS and another into yourself.